Charleston student claims worm found in school lunch

VIDEO: Charleston student claims worm found in school lunch

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Video of what appears to be a worm crawling through food has gone viral on social media.
A Charleston County School of the Arts student, who chose to remain anonymous, claims bugs were in her school lunch.

The incident was immediately reported to Charleston County School District.

CCSD officials released this statement:

CCSD became aware of a video showing an insect in the sweet potato of a school lunch. The food was thrown away before CCSD staff could inspect it. 
The leftover food in the cafeteria was immediately inspected and frozen, and DHEC was contacted.  

DHEC inspected the kitchen and food and found no contaminants. DHEC gave the kitchen an "A" rating. 

CCSD works every day to ensure that the food our students eat is safe, healthy, and nutritious. We follow the same health and safety inspections as any restaurant, as required by law. We will continue to monitor this situation and review the proper produce handling procedures with kitchen staff. 

District officials also said, per federal regulations, they freeze a sample tray every day and that food is kept for 7 days to ensure we are meeting the highest quality food standards.

Officials explained CCSD has purchased more than $1.1 million of fresh produce so far this year. When produce is received, it is visually inspected,  and stored in a dry-area off the floor.

It is then washed, scrubbed, and re-inspected.

For sweet potatoes, they are cooked at 375 degrees for 30-45 minutes until the internal temperature reaches above 165 degrees. They are peeled and reinspected. They blended and seasoned, and placed in a 170-degree warming cabinet. They are put back in the oven at 350 degrees once the marshmallow topping is applied.

The serving temperatures are tested once during each lunch period to ensure they are above the required 135 degrees.

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