Adult coloring therapy

Adult coloring therapy

(WCSC) - The key to de-stressing could be in your child's playroom.

Grabbing a coloring book and some crayons is a hot new trend that's proving what's fun for children, may be relaxing for adults.

"I think that it's a lot about the timing and people needing, kind of, a break, um, so i think that's part of what coloring lets us do, detach from everything and also return to something that was really comforting as kids," Clinical Psychologist Paula Bloom said.

Before you run off and grab your son or daughter's coloring book, there's something you should know.

Adult coloring books are radically different from children's coloring books in that they're incredibly intricate and complicated.

"Those small spaces and intricate details require more focus, concentration and dexterity," Bloom said.

It's those details which is meant to help you focus and relax remember, coloring shouldn't be stressful.

When we think of relaxation being alone in a quiet, dark room might come to mind.

It turns out, there may be some benefits to taking out the colored pencils at your next girls' night!

"There is a social aspect where people will gather and color, and what's amazing about that is you can focus on coloring, but you can be social and coloring... you can have a glass of wine if you want," Little shop of stories owner Tarra Mcvoy said.

No matter what format you choose, remember, coloring is personal to you.

"It's definitely a way to express your own creativity- really be adventurous and also, get yourself some quality pencils," Mcvoy said.

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