MUSC: Holding off on any action at Ft. Johnson historical property

MUSC: Holding off on any action at Ft. Johnson historical property

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - MUSC officials said Thursday they are holding off on the demolition of several historical buildings on James Island at the Fort Johnson site.

In a statement released Thursday, Heather Woolwine, a spokeswoman for the University, said, "In light of ongoing public discussion, MUSC has decided to forestall any action on the Ft. Johnson project at this time. We are committed to working with our neighbors to determine the best use for the buildings and land at the Ft. Johnson site. We will continue to engage with and be responsive to the needs of our community as we explore the available options."

The three buildings and a cistern are located on MUSC property at the end of Fort Johnson Road, overlooking the Charleston Harbor.

The area is known as the former Port of Charleston's Quarantine Station.

Last week MUSC received approval from the State to tear down the structures, which include the MUSC "President's House", a quarantine building and a garage.

The State Historic Preservation Office also sent a letter stating the property has historical value.

The Town of James Island requires a special type of demolition permit for historical structures under its zoning codes.

Monday Mayor Bill Woolsey said MUSC officials would need to submit an application, and then have a hearing with the Town's Board of Zoning Appeals.

In a statement Thursday, Woolsey said, "The Town of James Island appreciates the willingness of MUSC to be responsive to the needs of the community regarding the use of the buildings and land at their Fort Johnson site.    We look forward to continued discussions.   Also, we appreciate communication from MUSC earlier this week suggesting their willingness to follow Town ordinances regarding the need for a demolition permit according to the procedures required for historic structures."

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