Charleston County considering beach traffic cameras to help you plan travel

Charleston County considering beach traffic cameras to help you plan travel

Charleston County is one step closer to installing beach traffic cameras.

That means the next time you travel to or from the beach, you could know exactly what the traffic is like before you hit the road.

"It's irritating, crazy, it takes forever," a beachgoer from North Carolina, Aaron Melvin said.

["It can be pretty hectic it can be bumper to bumper," local Sydney Smalls said.

They're talking about traffic. A big problem during beach season. Isle of Palms (IOP) Mayor Dick Cronin wants to be ahead of the game with a solution.

"We said wouldn't that be great if people could understand what they were getting into before they came to the beach or if there was congestion leaving the beach," says Mayor Cronin.

That's why the City of IOP put a traffic camera at the intersection of Palm Boulevard and the IOP Connector. Mayor Cronin says the camera should be ready for public access before Easter weekend.

"That was our seed if you will and now it's sprouted and given wings to others," Cronin said.

Now the the mayors of Mt. Pleasant and Sullivan's Island want to put traffic cameras in their areas too. If the Charleston County Council decides to fund the $100,000 budget for the cameras, the routes could be viewed in an app.

By downloading the the South Carolina Department of Transportation 511 App you could have real-time look at the traffic from select routes in the palm of your hand.

"I think traffic cameras and letting people know would be a really good, cool thing," Smalls said.

"I would use it if i could go on internet and look and see how traffic patterns are doing and what would be the quickest way to get here," says Melvin.

Others have a different strategy.

"I probably would't use it, I would just take my chance to see if it's busy or not," a recent local, Chris Sanchez said.

"We like to come more in the evenings anyways so normally it's not that bad of traffic," a beachgoer from Bonneau, Brandy Adams said.

The warmer weather has brought on an extended beach season, meaning more traffic.

"We're expecting it to get full support going forward," Cronin said.

On Thursday, the Charleston County Finance Committee approved the $100,000 budget in transportation sales tax funds for the cameras. The full council will meet on Tuesday where it will decide whether or not they will go forward with the project.

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