DimensionU video games prepare students for STEM careers

VIDEO: DimensionU video games prepare students for STEM careers

HANAHAN, SC (WCSC) - It was a day of video gaming with a huge hurdle in the way for some of the Lowcountry's brightest students Friday.

Nearly 70 middle school students competed in the DimensionU competition inside one of SPAWAR's command conference rooms. The room, transformed into a video gaming lab, offered an interactive video game with a roadblock. Students were required to solve a challenging algebraic equation, while facing the clock.

The goal of the DimensionU competition is to energize students about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers. "This is part of our pipeline to employment.

This is not just a feel good program that we're doing," STEM outreach program manager Shanda Johnson said. "This is one of many programs that we do in order to inspire students to become scientists, technicians, mathematicians and engineers."

The winner of each grade level will move on to another competition in may. Those students will face kids across the world.

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