New task force focused on affordable housing in Mt. Pleasant

New task force focused on affordable housing in Mt. Pleasant

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Mt. Pleasant's new housing task force held its inaugural meeting Monday with the goal of creating affordable housing options for residents living in the town.

Mt. Pleasant Mayor Linda Page referred to the appointment of the committee in her Feb. 9 State of the Town address.

"We know that a healthy community is one that is self-sustaining," Page said in the address. "This means that our residents can live here during all stages of their lives, they can earn affordable wages here, and they can enjoy recreational offerings here. With this in mind, I appointed a new task force on attainable housing to begin the conversation. The task force will recommend to Town Council ways in which we can secure attainable housing for our community to promote diversity, prevent gentrification, and sustain our town. I look forward to the work that will come from this task force and I am excited to see what the collaboration with community partners will yield."

According to, the median listing price for a home in Mt. Pleasant is approximately $480,000.

That's an increase from the 2013 median listing price of $394,000.

Meanwhile, U.S. census data indicates median listing prices for homes nationally are lower than Mt. Pleasant, typically $278,800.

Rising housing prices are one reason for the formation of the task force which will be chaired by former Mt. Pleasant Councilwoman Thomasena Stokes-Marshall.

The committee will work over the next nine months before being expected to present their affordable housing recommendations to town council for consideration.

Stokes-Marshall and other committee members said it's important their task encompasses the many faces of affordable housing in the community, ranging from young professionals, to senior citizens, to the needs of low-income residents.

A Mt. Pleasant homeowner with a mortgage typically pays $1,522 monthly in costs, according to 2010-2014 U.S. census data.

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