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Haley pushing House to accept $400M road-funding plan

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Gov. Nikki Haley is pressuring House GOP leaders to agree to designate $400 million annually from state tax collections for roadwork, even while she supports their argument that South Carolina's crumbling roads need a better long-term solution.
Haley said Wednesday if the House passes the Senate's road-funding proposal, she'll work with legislative leaders to find an acceptable "direct funding stream" for roads.
The Senate has refused to pass any gas tax increase.
House Assistant Majority Leader Gary Simrill repeated that it's folly to promise to perpetually spend $400 million from state coffers. The House's budget plan includes roughly $400 million for roadwork, but leaders say that's a one-year solution.
Haley agrees automatic funding is the best option. However, she likes the Department of Transportation leadership changes in the Senate's plan.

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