Burger King manager fired after alleged comments about fallen officer

Burger King manager fired after alleged comments about fallen officer

GREENVILLE, SC (WYFF) - The manager accused of making an inappropriate comment following the death of Greenville Officer Allen Jacobs told WYFF News 4 that she's been fired, but says the allegations against her are false.

WYFF News 4 started investigating the allegations after tons of Facebook messages and emails came into the newsroom.

A Greenville woman said she went to the Burger King on Laurens Road and started speaking about the loss of Officer Jacobs to the cashier.

The woman said a worker came over and said, "The cop got what he deserved, messing with these kids for no reason."

The customer posted about her experience on Facebook and, at last check, it had been shared more than 16,000 times.

"I was totally shocked.  I was blown away.  I could not believe what I had heard," the customer told WYFF News 4.  She doesn't want her name revealed.

The customer said the Burger King's owner called to tell her that the manager had been fired.

"It felt like really that something had been lifted off of me because I was just so -- when he told me that she had been terminated for that, that really made me feel better about the whole situation," she said.

The cashier that was talking to the customer was fired the same day as the alleged comment was made, the customer said.

The cashier told WYFF News 4 that the Burger King owner called and offered her job back today, but the cashier's not sure if she's going to take it.

"I think it would be awkward, but we're going to meet to talk (Thursday) and see what we can work out," the cashier said.

WYFF News 4 also talked to the manager accused of making the comment.  The manager said she fired the cashier for insubordination.  The manager said she was fired Wednesday morning, but said she did not make the inappropriate comment.

"I feel like I'm the most hated person in Greenville, South Carolina, right now over a lie and over someone getting fired and felt like getting revenge by doing something like this. This is very hateful," the manager said.  "There's no way I would say something like that about anybody.  You know, 'they deserve to die.'  I would never say that.  It was never said.  All this is about is somebody getting terminated and trying to get revenge."

The manager said she was fired not for the comment, but for firing the cashier in an inappropriate way.

The customer said the owner told her that the manager was terminated based on the customer's complaint about the comment. She said he also apologized to her about what happened.

The owner, Larry Stokes, told WYFF News 4 he's unable to make a comment at this time.

In a statement to WYFF News 4, officials at Burger King corporate office said:

"We extend our condolences to the family of Officer Jacobs and the Greenville community. We are concerned about this incident and take these matters very seriously. The Franchise Owner, who independently owns and operates this restaurant, is launching an investigation in accordance with their personnel procedures."

Jacobs was shot and killed on Friday by a 17-year-old that officials described as a gang member.

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