Local restaurants support Memorial Scholarship Fund for Citadel grad killed in Afghanistan

Local restaurants support Memorial Scholarship Fund for Citadel grad killed in Afghanistan
Photo Source: Live 5 News
Photo Source: Live 5 News
Sgt. Aaron Wittman (Photo Source: Aaron Wittman Foundation)
Sgt. Aaron Wittman (Photo Source: Aaron Wittman Foundation)

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - A scholarship fund in memory of Citadel graduate killed in Afghanistan is getting a boost after Saturday's fundraisers. One restaurant, The CODfather donated 100 percent of its proceeds to the Sgt Aaron Wittman Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The fundraiser organizer, Dominic Snyder, says it was a "twist of fate."

"We had planned to do a black tie event a casino night, but it just fell through nothing was working nothing was clicking," Snyder said.

Snyder was a Citadel Cadet with Aaron Wittman, a 2007 graduate. At age 28, Wittman was killed in action in Afghanistan, during his second tour, in 2013.

For Snyder things started to click for the memorial fund, when she randomly met the owner of The CODfather restaurant, Adam Randall. It's on Reynolds Avenue in North Charleston.

"He said he would donate everything...pick a day," Snyder said.

On Saturday, the restaurant sold fish and chips for $10 a plate to help support the fund.

"The fact that the funds had been dwindling the past couple of years, I basically just said hey ya know why don't we do something," Randall said. "Try and raise some money and boost the scholarship a little."

Snyder had found a source of support she was looking for to continue to help fund the memorial scholarship. A promise she made to Wittman's family.

"I was so happy, that was the first time I ever cried in happiness, it's an excellent feeling," Snyder said.

At The CODfather, a red door welcomes you into an England Maritime styled diner that's been in business just 12 weeks.

"In about four and half to five hours, we pretty much sold a day's worth of merchandise," Randall said.

That's about 100 pounds of fish and 250 pounds of chips. All the proceeds will go to the Sgt. Aaron Wittman Memorial Scholarship Fund that will provide scholarships for future cadets. It was something Wittman's parents started to keep his memory alive.

"So goofy, so funny...he would make up nicknames for everybody, everybody had a nickname. He was a really fun guy," Snyder said as she reminisced about Wittman.

Randall says he is more than happy to give back to the people who served.

"For me this is nothing this is just you know a little something that we can do to show our support for the people who support us," he said.

Several local restaurants also included donations bins for the cause.

The Citadel Harbour Alumni Committee along with the Aaron Wittman Foundation aspire to raise more money for the foundation as a tribute to remembering the fallen.

Memorial Scholarship Fund: https://foundation.citadel.edu/wittman

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