Mt. Pleasant looks at plans for additional Lowe's and Walmart Supercenter

Mt. Pleasant looks at plans for additional Lowe's and Walmart Supercenter

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Mount Pleasant Commercial Design Review Board saw preliminary plans for the Lowe's Improvement Store and Walmart Supercenter Wednesday evening.

The Lowe's would go in the Market at Oakland shopping center, off U.S. Highway 17. The zoning for this development has already been approved.

The Walmart Supercenter would include expanding the current Walmart in the Wando Crossing Shopping Center, off U.S. Highway 17, near I-526.

Ultimately, the board deferred the preliminary plans for both, with several critiques. 
The companies will revise their plans and present them again at a future meeting for approval.

Many who live east of the Cooper weren't surprised to hear about these development plans.

"Charleston is definitely expanding," Mount Pleasant resident Azizah Kane said.

"Within the last three or four years things have really been booming," Daniel Island resident David Gowdown said.

"I've lived here since '96 and I've seen lots of changes, the roads widening, the new bridge going up and obvious new shops," Mount Pleasant resident Lauren Williams said.

While most agreed Mount Pleasant is growing, they had opposing views about that development.

"I like it," Gowdown said.

"I'm not so sure I'd be for this Walmart expanding just because they have a Walmart Supercenter up the road," Williams said.

"I think it would be a great idea," Kane said.

The Lowe's plans presented to the board showed a 120,000 square foot main building with a garden center and large loading area.

There's another Lowe's about 4.5 miles away in the Towne Centre, a concern to some.

"I don't really see the need for another one," Williams said. "But, maybe I'm wrong."

The plans for Super Walmart would bring a second Super Walmart East of the Cooper.

The board reviewed plans and gave guidelines for changes that should be made, sending Lowe's and Walmart back to the drawing board.

As the necessary changes are made, people east of the Cooper say whether they like it or not, they're just going to have to get ready.

"Things are just going to be get bigger," Williams said. "So, hopefully traffic and the roads will expand with it."

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