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Activists have warning for police on anniversary of Walter Scott shooting

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On the one year anniversary of the Walter Scott shooting, community activists had a warning to the police department about the number of investigative traffic stops on blacks.

On April 4, 2015 former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager shot and killed Scott during a traffic stop.

Slager is charged with murder.

Since the shooting, the Scott family and community activists have criticized the North Charleston Police Department for the number of investigative traffic stops of blacks.

A spokesman for the police department said there have been fewer traffic stops, but it's a trend that began before the Scott shooting.

"We will not allow that aggressive policing that they were doing in the past to come back to North Charleston," State National Action Network President Elder James Johnson said.

Scott's family members say the police department has made some progress since Scott's killing.

But they say more has to be done.

"They cut back on the stops but the profiling, they're still profiling and people are still being picked out and picked on," Scott's brother Anthony Scott said.

"It has to start with looking at the supervisors who are there and if they are wiling and ready to change, keep them. If not, let them go and bring someone else in," Scott family attorney Justin Bamberg said

Slager is scheduled to go on trial Oct. 31.

If convicted of murder he faces 30 years to life in prison.

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