Golf fans flock to Southeast for The Masters

The Masters draws thousands of fans to Southeast

AUGUSTA, GA (WCSC) - One of the biggest golf tournaments in the world is happening here in the southeast this week. The Masters is underway in Augusta, Georgia.

Thousands of people from around the world come out to the tournament every April to be part of history. Many will tell you it's not just a golf tournament. One of the biggest draws to The Masters that keeps golf fans coming back every year are the traditions.

Beyond the golf, there's a few things that fans at The Masters have to do while in Augusta.

Fans are willing to  stand in line for a photo in front of the clubhouse at Augusta National. It's a world recognized building, with The Master's logo in yellow flowers on the grass in front of it. The iconic house was built in the 1854 and was originally a private home. The tournament trophy is modeled after the clubhouse.

Fans also go to great lengths to buy Masters merchandise from the gift shop. Many of the items can only be purchased in person which makes them unique and highly sought after.

There's even a staple meal to eat while enjoying a day at The Masters. The egg salad and pimento cheese sandwich are the tradition and will cost you less than $2. The Masters has not changed the price of their concession food in decades, making for another unique perk for fans.

Of course, the ultimate reason to go to The Masters is to watch the best golfers in the world face off.

Returning tournament champion Jordan Spieth will face off against number one rated golfer in the world Jason Day. Rory McIlroy, Ricky Fowler and veteran Phil Mickelson are also players to expected to have a shot at the iconic green jacket this year.

At the end of Sunday, only one golfer is going to see their name at the top of that leader board. However, ih the week leading up to the finals, fans of all ages will experience the sport of golf at it's finest and the unique attractions that make the  tournament famous.

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