Crews clear Charleston's 'Tent City'

Crews clear Charleston's 'Tent City'

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Before the City of Charleston mandated the removal of the homeless encampment known as 'Tent City,' more than 115 people called the area home.

Friday morning was virtually 180-degree flip, as the once flourishing area was vacant. 
No more tents were left behind by lunch hour Friday. The City of Charleston set the goal to complete with the relocation process dispose of tents left behind by Saturday.

Crews with the South Carolina Department of Transportation will now work to restore the grounds to what it once was.

In February, the City of Charleston announced residents in the homeless encampment would have 60 days to leave the property. Some resident's left right away, while other long-time homeless men and women waited closer to the deadline.

Many of the men and women who have relocated are staying at a Housing Transition Center, where they've received a bed and personal care items.
Tent City caused a stir as reports of fires, fights, a stabbing and a call to build tiny homes for residents garnered the public's attention.

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