State Infrastructure Bank to address 526 end of April

State Infrastructure Bank to address 526 end of April

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank (SCTIB) will review Charleston County's resolution on April 28 in Columbia regarding it's plan to fund the I-526 extension project.

At a County council meeting Thursday, the County announced a plan with nine options to try and fund the $350 million needed.

The County is exploring options including a toll road, a transportation sales tax referendum or other local, state and federal funding sources, including the City of Charleston.

Jack O'Toole, a spokesman for the Mayor's office, released a statement Friday:

"The Mayor believe completing 526 is a top transportation priority for our area, and will continue to work with county and state officials to try and make it happen."

The SCTIB has set aside $420 million for the project, but that money could be taken away if the County can't come up with the rest of the $350 million to complete 526.

The 526 completion project would extend the highway onto both Johns and James Islands.

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