Father invites Senator Bright to meet Transgender Teens

Father invites Senator Bright to meet Transgender Teens

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Lowcountry father invited Sen. Lee Bright to come to Charleston Thursday and sit down with a group of transgender teens.

The dad, who did not wish to have his identity revealed, says he wants the Senator to meet the kids and learn what a transgender person is, saying the kids are no threat as teenagers, and will be no threat as adults.

Citing safety concerns, Bright introduced a bill similar to the so-called North Carolina "bathroom bill," which would regulate which restroom a transgender
person should  use.

But the father wonders what Senator Bright would do if one of his children were to come out as gay or transgender.

"If he's a truly loving parent, tell me, Senator Bright, that you would push your kids out, or that you couldn't love your kid," the father says.

This dad says he would open his home, inviting Bright to meet with a group transgender teens, including the man's son.

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