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Charleston County Observes National 9-1-1 Education Month; Targets Pocket Dialing

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Charleston County is pushing an initiative to remind people to take a simple step to avoid unknowingly calling 911.

April is National 911 Education Month and Charleston County leaders are asking leaders, schools and public safety agencies to help educate citizens about the importance and appropriate use of 911 services, including avoiding unintentional 911 calls.

Cell phones are the primary source for 911 calls and if the phone isn't properly locked, people may unknowingly call 911.

It is commonly referred to as pocket dialing and during this year's National 9-1-1 Education Month, Charleston County 911 is reminding citizens to "Lock it before you Pocket It".

"Our 9-1-1 public educators continue to do an amazing job in raising the awareness of how 9-1-1 works," a release from Charleston County Consolidated Dispatch states. "This year's focus on pocket dials will help reduce the number of unintentional calls received in our 9-1-1 Center so that we are available to answer the true emergency calls that come in."

During the month of April, public educators will reach out to the community through various events: 

  • Charleston County Earth Day Festival, April 23
  • 3rd Annual Operation Military Child, April 23
  • Smart911 Sign Up Day, April 30 – details and locations here.

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