Lawsuit filed against N. Charleston bars in connection to deadly accident

Lawsuit filed against N. Charleston bars in connection to deadly accident

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A lawsuit has been filed against two North Charleston bars in connection with a deadly 2014 car accident that took the lives of two people.

Tonya Carson was killed when she was struck head on at I-26 west near mile marker 189 near Ridgeville on Oct. 3, 2014.

Authorities say Anthony Pascucci, who was also killed in the incident, was driving the wrong way on the interstate, and his blood alcohol content was .25.

Now Carson's husband, Randall Carson, is suing Madra Rua's Irish Pub and The Sparrow in Park Circle for over serving Pascucci alcohol during the evening of Oct. 2 and the early morning hours of Oct. 3.

According to the lawsuit, Pascucci consumed alcohol at Madra Rua and "became severely intoxicated, but continued to be served alcohol by the staff of Madra Rua."

Attorneys say Pascucci was served additional alcohol by the staff of The Sparrow then returned to Madra Rua and served more alcohol.

Randall Carson said he was driving behind his wife's vehicle on the interstate when Pascucci car struck his wife's car.

Randall Carson reported that he attempted to rescue his wife from the vehicle which caught on fire.

The lawsuit states Randall Carson was unable to get his wife out of the car, and the car burned before his eyes with his wife trapped inside.

Carson is suing for funeral costs and pain and suffering.

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