North Charleston vigil honors those killed in recent murders

VIDEO: North Charleston vigil honors those killed in recent murders

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - With hands held and heads bowed, more than 50 people came together at North Charleston United Methodist Church Wednesday evening to bring awareness to the recent tragedies.

Police say Wednesday morning, 43-year-old Eric Brantley of Charleston, was shot and killed near Park Circle.

His death makes the 12th murder of 2016 in North Charleston.

"This just needs to stop, why are people being shot?" North Charleston resident Cathy Dawn said.

Dawn said Wednesday was an emotional day for her, knowing the shooting happened so close to home.

"I came up here last night to pick up a pizza, no worries in my mind," Dawn said. "Then, I wake up this morning. I just saw that somebody was found right outside a place I'm very familiar with."

Dawn and others gathered at the vigil, lit candles, prayed and sang.

They prayed for Brantley and the other 11 people who have been killed so far this year in North Charleston.

"Eric was a person who was loved who brought joy to so many people," North Charleston United Methodist Reverend Wendy Hudson-Jacoby said.

Later, people wrote prayer requests on a chalkboard outside the church.

Some of the messages said, "only we together can stop the violence," and, " embrace all as one."

Just up the road at The Sparrow Bar, where Brantley was a bartender, people put down flowers, at small memorial outside, to honor Brantley's life.

While North Charleston deals with another tragedy, many in the community say the murders cannot continue.

"Nobody deserves that," Dawn said. "He didn't deserve it. His family didn't deserve it. Our community doesn't deserve it."

"We hope that it would not be in vain, that this will make some changes in the way life is here," Holt said.

The Sparrow closed early Wednesday evening, at 8 p.m., to honor Brantley.

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