Report: Pet store owner tipped prostitute with bushbaby

Pet store owner tipped prostitute with bushbaby

Eugene, Ore. (WCSC) - Investigators in Oregon say a pet store owner gave a stolen bushbaby to a prostitute to tip her for her services.

The Eugene Police Department arrested Nathan Allen McClain on Thursday and charged him with prostitution.

McClain's arrest stems from an incident on March 19 when the Oregon State Police arrested him on controlled substances charges after he reportedly came out of an adult porn shop next door to the state police's Albany office.

Authorities reported they saw McClain who "appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine."

Detectives say they interviewed McClain and learned that he paid a prostitute for sex on March 1 using money and donations at his store, the Zany Zoo Pet Store.

"Based on interviews and statements, it was discovered that Nathan Allen McClain paid the prostitute with store funds, which included the donation jar money for a sexual encounter with her," EPD officials said.

When investigators located the prostitute at a local area hotel on March 17 they learned that she was given an exotic animal as a tip.

"The woman was cooperative, and provided a statement to detectives, along with the exotic animal," EPD officials said."The exotic animal, Gooey, is safe and currently at a nearby sanctuary until the USDA issues a new license for Zany Zoo Pet Store."

EPD officials reported that on March 1 and March 6 investigators received information of burglaries at the Zany Zoo Pet Store.

The stolen property included Girl Scout cookie money, a laptop computer and an exotic animal.

"The investigation into the burglaries is unfounded and the missing Girl Scout money was never recovered and is still under investigation," EPD officials said.

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