SC among top most dangerous states for drunk driving

SC among top most dangerous states for drunk driving

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - South Carolina is being called the country's fifth most dangerous state for drunk driving.

A report released by ranks states using data provided by several agencies and organizations including Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the FBI.

"The people of South Carolina seem to be chugging more than just sweet tea," the report states.

It says South Carolina ranks number three in the country for alcohol-related driving fatalities and finds that while DUI penalties are hefty, there are few laws combating drivers under the influence.

No neighboring states made the top ten list, which ranks North Dakota as the most dangerous state, placing first in both fatality rate and DUI arrests.

According to, the Most Dangerous States for Drunk Driving are as follows:

1. North Dakota
2. Montana
3. Idaho
4. Wisconsin
5. South Carolina
6. South Dakota
7. Pennsylvania
8. New Mexico
9. Rhode Island

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