New Isle of Palms parking rules for beach season

New Isle of Palms parking rules for beach season
New residential parking sign on the street (Source: Live 5)
New residential parking sign on the street (Source: Live 5)
Designated areas where you CAN park on the street (Source: IOP)
Designated areas where you CAN park on the street (Source: IOP)

Beach season is upon us and with that comes some new parking rules for one coastal city.

The new plan will go into effect on the Isle of Palms from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. May 15 through September 15.

Beach visitors won't be able to park in some residential areas on IOP that once were used for parking.

A couple hundred new signs, costing around $58,000, have been installed in residential neighborhoods under the city's new plan.

The goal is to try and balance the beach crowds during the season while also making sure homeowners stay happy, but not everyone is.

"It's kind of ridiculous," said Carolyn Walters, of the Isle of Palms. "I even have to get a sticker for my golf cart."

Walters has lived on the Isle of Palms for almost 50 years.

While she's seen several changes, she said what's happened now has gone too far, especially with homeowners and renters having to get stickers for their cars showing where they're allowed to park.

"They're doing too much with all these signs and the stickers," she said.

At most of the intersections in these neighborhoods, there are at least four poles with the new signs on them. Isle of Palms Mayor, Dick Cronin, said there's a reason for having this many at an intersection."

"We can't enforce the regulation unless we tell people, and sign those areas," he added.

Some homeowners are so upset over the number of signs, that they signed a petition to try and remove some from every intersection.

It was discussed at Tuesday's city council meeting.

Mayor Cronin said the plan is in place throughout this year's beach season, but the city will take their concerns under advisement.

"In the future when we get into the fall and see what has transpired this year we may choose that there are certain areas that are not threatened, if you will, with excess parking," he said. "So we may choose not to have them as regulated."

Walters has other concerns when it comes to parking though.

She has family that comes to visit often during the summer.

With the new rules, she said they won't be able to park at her home.

"We have visitor stickers to allow people to park in residential areas," Cronin said.

30 passes come in a booklet for $15. You can purchase two booklets throughout the entire season.

Parking is allowed in certain public right-of-ways and roadways: from 3rd to 9th Avenues between Ocean Boulevard and Carolina Boulevard, as well as Palm Boulevard between 21st and 57th Avenues.

Paid parking remains available in the City lots, Charleston County Park lots and Ocean Boulevard between 10th and 14th Avenues.

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