Opposition to proposed new apartment complex on Main Road

Opposition to proposed new apartment complex on Main Road

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - People who live near a planned apartment complex on Main Road are voicing their opposition to the project.

The 204 unit Palisades complex is planned for the former site of Allegiance Moving and Storage Company.

The City of Charleston's design and review board discussed the design on the buildings on Monday, and gave unanimous approval for the design. The final details will now go to city staff, and a developer will then go through the permit process.

The plans are for eight buildings to house the apartments.

Larry Smoak lives on Morse Avenue which is right across from where the apartments would be located.

"Friday afternoon, it's 45 minutes to an hour for me to get home and I only work five miles down Highway 17," Smoak said Monday.

Smoak isn't the only resident who doesn't want to see the apartment complex built.

"Definitely not. We have trouble getting out of Morse Avenue onto Main Road," resident Mary Stanton said.

Others say if the apartments are built, something needs to be done with the road system to handle the additional traffic.

"We've got a lot of traffic built up and here in the morning, it's tough to get out of here to begin with. Definitely need some sort of traffic light or something here for sure,"Jonathan Harrelson said.

Brenda Hydrick is one of the few residents who knew about the apartment complex plans, and she's not happy.

"Just too many people, traffic, more flooding," Hydrick said.

The opponents may not have a dog in this fight.

City officials say the property is already properly zoned for apartments.

"It's way too many. We don't need them. We're against it, would love to sign a petition or whatever I need to," Hydrick said.

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