Status conference for Michael Slager case postponed

Status conference for Michael Slager case postponed

A status conference in the case against the former North Charleston police officer charged in the death of a motorist originally scheduled for Thursday has been postponed, the solicitor says.

Ninth Circuit Court Solicitor Scarlett Wilson confirmed the conference, which involved the case against Michael Slager, had been delayed and said Judge Clifton Newman will reschedule at a later time.

The purpose of the conference was to discuss a request from Wilson to move Slager's trial date from Oct. 31 to August, 2016 or May, 2017. Wilson asked for the delay amid concerns work on the Slager trial might overlap with work on the trial of accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof. A South Carolina State Supreme Court ruling excused Wilson and Chief Deputy Solicitor Bruce DuRant from appearing in other trials while they are prosecuting the Roof trial.

Slager's defense team suggested in a motion filed Monday the prosecutor is also anticipating a possible federal action against Slager. Slager's attorneys said in the motion the possibility of a federal action was already considered when the judge set the Oct. 31 trial date, and said the solicitor's office has options that would allow Slager's trial to go forward without interfering with Roof's trial.

Investigators say motorist Walter Scott was shot and killed by Slager on April 4 after Scott fled from his vehicle during a traffic stop that took place on Remount Road in North Charleston.

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