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Former tenant at Flats at Mixson claims structural problems aren't new

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Source: Pete Bingel Source: Pete Bingel
Source: Pete Bingel Source: Pete Bingel
Source: Pete Bingel Source: Pete Bingel

On Monday, more than 200 people got a letter telling them that they must move out by the end of the month.

The problem is structural damage to the buildings in the complex.

Pete Bingel moved into building 500 at Flats at Mixson in August of 2014. 

In July 2015, he received a notice to vacate letter because of safety concerns. 

According to a lawsuit filed by Flats at Mixson against the contractors Samet Corporation, crews were working to fix "water intrusion issues." 

The lawsuit goes on to state, "The repair work at Building 500 made it unsafe for the building to remain occupied and ordered Mixson to vacate the premises."

"It was just ridiculous every day, coming home, just like what are we going to deal with today," said Bingel. "Holes on the ceiling, just left there." 

Bingel said the construction had entry ways blocked and he didn't feel safe.

"Firefighters seemed deeply concerned about the property," said Bingel. "One said this is the type of place that firefighters go to die." 

The City of North Charleston confirmed Flats at Mixson recognized the structural issues and chose building 500 to work on.

The goal was fix the "water intrusion" problem and not move anyone out. 

Crews would then work on the other buildings.  

"Initially, they said it was only going to be two weeks," Bingel said. 

Months later, with the construction still going on, Bingel received the eviction notice.

On Monday, current tenants at Flats at Mixson received a similar letter stating, "Vacate the premises on or before May 31." 

"I definitely wasn't surprised," Bingel said. "But, thirty days isn't long to shop around." 

City officials said they have not asked for the residents to move in a certain time frame.

They did ask the property owner to make a plan to relocate those residents.

The City's Public Safety and Housing Board will meet on May 23 to decide the next step for the buildings, whether it be repair or demolition.  

For more information on the letter tenants received on May 2 click HERE. 

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