Charleston Co. elementary student finds inappropriate content on school iPad


CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District is looking into ways to better control what students can and cannot see on the internet after an elementary school student accessed inappropriate content on a school-issued iPad.

When asked if the district was investigating whether or not a student was able to find pornography on school internet, Daniel Head, Director of the district's Office of Strategy and Communication said officials found that an elementary school student accessed "inappropriate, adult material" using a school iPad.

"This is an unfortunate situation and one that we take very seriously," Head said. "We very much regret that this incident occurred."

Head says the district is contacting other school districts to determine if there are any additional resources they can add to our network to improve their filters. They have also reached out to the SC State Department of Education Chief Information Security Officer.

According to Head, CCSD employs the following filters to keep adult content from coming through the district's network:

  • Palo Alto Internet Content Filter, which helps the district block inappropriate sites
  • Google Safe Search, an application provided free to K-12 schools as part of Google Apps for Education
  • A subscription to BING safe search
  • The Apple Content rating system, which restricts users from downloading or installing apps based on age restrictions

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