71 year old hit and run victim: 'I don't know how people do that'

71 year old hit and run victim: 'I don't know how people do that'

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - A 71-year old woman is still feeling the pain, a month after she was injured by a hit and run driver.

Rodile Bessamra suffered a broken ankle after she was hit from behind on Foxborough Road.

She was taking her dog for a morning walk when she was struck.

The street has no sidewalks.

"I've been doing this for years and paying attention and everything," Bessamra said Tuesday.

Bessamra says she felt a bump and then fell to the ground.

She says the driver who hit her went through the stop sign, turned around and drove out of the neighborhood.

"I tried to stop him. I said stop, stop. I don't know how you do that, I don't know.

Police say there were no witnesses.

Bessamra was taken to a hospital.

X-rays revealed she suffered a broken ankle.

Surgeons had to put screws and rods in it for support.

"Very painful," Bessamra said.

Goose Creek investigators recovered one clue from the crime scene.

A mirror they say broke off from the passenger side of the car when Bessamra was hit.

They say it is not the original mirror from the vehicle, so they can't trace it to a specific make and model.

Bessamra says the days of walking her dog are over.

"The streets are not safe. People are driving like crazy."

Right now she's using a walker to get around.

"They say I'm going to be feeling the pain for the rest of my life."

Bessamra is feeling another kind of pain, not knowing who hit her.

She's hoping police will find the person who did it.

Anyone with information should call Goose Creek Police or Crime Stoppers.

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