Bill lets bankrupt residents hold on to $5,000 worth of guns

Bill lets bankrupt residents hold on to $5,000 worth of guns

Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - South Carolinians going through bankruptcy could keep $5,000 worth of their guns from creditors under a bill advancing in the Senate.

Rep. Alan Clemmons says people who fall on hard times should not have to give up heirloom weapons passed down through generations. The Myrtle Beach Republican says his bill is also about allowing people to keep guns for protection.

The bill sent Wednesday to the Senate Judiciary Committee is also designed to help bankrupt widows keep their homes.

Under the provision added by Rep. Mandy Powers Norrell during House debate, a widow could continue to claim her deceased husband's homestead exemption. That would double the value exempt from creditors to $118,200.

Powers Norrell says widows usually end up in bankruptcy court because of medical bills and then face homelessness.

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