New documents released in Dylann Roof case

New documents released in Dylann Roof case

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - New court documents were released in the Dylann Roof case Wednesday.

The court documents are the defense team's response to a state request for written summaries of expert testimonies that may be presented at trial, a list of the witnesses they may have testify, and a mental health evaluation for Roof.

In their response, Roof's defense said the State isn't authorized to ask them to disclose written summaries of expert testimonies.

The defense also said while they would be willing to provide the court a list of witnesses they may ask to testify, they will not provide the prosecution with one.

The defense agreed to providing a mental health evaluation on the following conditions based on another South Carolina case where one was required:

  • The report would be sealed from the State until evidence concerning the suspect’s mental state was presented by his lawyers in the sentencing phase
  • His lawyers would be allowed to be present during the evaluation and the defense can object to any question posed by the examiner
  • Any potentially incriminating statements made by the suspect would not be revealed in the report

Dylann Roof is accused of shooting and killing nine parishioners at Emanuel AME Church in June 2015.

He faces 13 state charges including nine charges of murder, as well as 33 federal charges.

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