Ashley River Bridge bike lane test ending, county says

Ashley River Bridge bike lane test ending, county says
One lane of the northbound Ashley River Bridge was closed during the test phase. (Source: Live 5)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County crews will begin removing barricades that blocked off the far right lane of the Ashley River Bridge Sunday morning.

That action will officially bring to an end a test phase designed to gauge the impact of a proposed bike and pedestrian lane on the bridge.

Crews will begin removing the barricades at approximately 7 a.m. Sunday with work expecting to be completed that morning, according to Charleston County spokesperson Shawn Smetana.

He said county and city staffers have been monitoring daily traffic counts and travel times along with a county consultant since the barricades were put into place on April 2, the day of the Cooper River Bridge Run.

The proposed lane change, if it were to become permanent, would connect downtown Charleston to the West Ashley Greenway, provide recreational and aesthetic value to the community, provide a safe alternative mode of transportation for commuters and visitors, and would provide a major connection for Battery 2 Beach Route and the East Coast Greenway, county officials say.

The test, which could have lasted up to 60 days, was designed to study the impact on motorists only; neither cyclists nor pedestrians were permitted to use the lane during the test.

The data will be analyzed and a final report is expected in late June, Smetana said.

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