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Video shows arrest of Ravenel triple homicide suspect, rescue of child

Deputy rescues child. (Source: CCSO) Deputy rescues child. (Source: CCSO)
Deputies arrest suspect. (Source: CCSO) Deputies arrest suspect. (Source: CCSO)
Deputies arrest suspect. (Source: CCSO) Deputies arrest suspect. (Source: CCSO)
Emergency crews on scene. (Source: CCSO) Emergency crews on scene. (Source: CCSO)
Deputies investigating the area. (Source: CCSO) Deputies investigating the area. (Source: CCSO)

Authorities have released dramatic video showing deputies arresting a triple homicide suspect in Ravenel, and the rescue of a 4-month-old child from the shooting scene. 

The video released on Thursday shows the arrest of 23-year-old Kenneth Ancrum who is charged with three counts of murder for the deaths of 55-year-old Betty Mungin, 29-year-old Alexis Mungin and 8-year-old Armani Mungin.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office announced on Thursday that Ancrum will also be charged with two additional charges of murder for the deaths of Alexis Mungin's unborn twins.

The video from the Charleston County Sheriff's Office begins with a deputy responding to the mobile home park at the 5000 block of Savannah Highway on Tuesday for a report of shots fired involving a domestic situation. 

A deputy is seen stopping a vehicle driven by Ancrum who appears to be driving off with an injured woman later identified as Ancrum's girlfriend who suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. 

The deputy is then heard giving orders to Ancrum, telling him," Stop the car, let me see your hands! Get out of the car, let me see your hands!"

Ancrum is then seen getting on the ground after the deputy orders him to do so.

As Ancrum is taken into custody by deputies, another deputy is speaking to Ancrum's girlfriend who survived the incident. 

The woman tells the deputy,"He shot my mom. I got to go to my house. Help me, help me! My baby's back there." 

Sheriff Al Cannon said the deputy's actions likely saved the woman's life. 

Once Ancrum is taken into custody, the deputy locates the shooting scene at the mobile home where investigators find the bodies of the three victims.

Moments later, the dash camera video shows emergency crews taking a 4-month-old boy from the scene. 

While some officers processed the scene, another comforted and fed the infant in the backseat of a patrol car before handing him off to victims’ advocates.

In the video, you can hear the deputy comforting the child saying,"You're okay, it's okay. Alright buddy. You're okay."

Betty and Armani Mungin died of gunshot wounds to the head while Alexis Mungin died of a gunshot wound to the chest, Coroner Rae Wooten said.

Alexis Mungin was just more than 25 weeks pregnant at the time of her death, which means her unborn twins were legally considered viable by state statute, Wooten said.

"They would have entered, just started the third trimester of a pregnancy, and by law, by statute, that makes them viable," Wooten said. She said she decided to also conduct autopsies on the babies to determine whether they died as a result of their mother's death or some other cause.

A judge denied bond for all but the weapons charge for Ancrum on Wednesday.

Bond was automatically denied for the murder charges because only a circuit court judge can set bond on a murder charge.

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