Video shows robber take $10K in jewelry in minutes

VIDEO: Security footage shows robber take $10K in jewelry in minutes

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Security video from a home in Summerville shows a man enter through a kitchen window and leave with a bag filled about $10,000 in jewelry.

Summerville police officers say a couple went to their home on Reynolds Road around 7:15 p.m. Wednesday and noticed the drawers in their bedroom, bathroom and dining room were open. They had been gone since 7:40 that morning.

When they checked their self-installed security camera, they saw a man enter the house through a window that was left partially open to vent out the smell of cleaning chemicals. Officers say the suspect was wearing work-style gloves.

"The camera view, which is very clear, shows the male push the screen up, and climb through the window and enter the residence," a statement from the police department says.

The suspect walks directly toward the dining room, then toward a closet in the living room, then to a hallway that leads to the bedroom.

"After only a few seconds, the male walks back from the hallway with a white bag, directly towards the window he entered from, and leaves."

The victims told police the following items were taken from the home:

  • Wooden Jewelry box #1 - $200
  • Wooden Jewelry box #2 - $200
  • Pearl bracelet - $1000
  • Pearl necklace - $400
  • Opal bracelet - $2500
  • Blue topaz ring in 14k gold - $800
  • Gold blue sapphire ring - $800
  • Gold orange ring - $800
  • Gold purple amethyst ring - $200
  • Blue and dark blue topaz bracelet - $1500
  • Gold honor pendant necklace - $300
  • Gold cross and monogram necklace - $200
  • Pearl earrings - $100
  • Blue topaz earrings - $250
  • Pink pearl necklace - $200
  • costume jewelry - $300
  • misc earrings - $300

Officers say the man was inside the house for less than two minutes. They have not identified the suspect.

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