Popular HS students bring special needs girl to prom, in a fairy tale ending

Popular HS students bring special needs girl to prom, in a fairy tale ending
Source: Addie Murray
Source: Addie Murray

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - When 17-year-old Destiny Thorne, a special needs student, was asked to the prom by a high school football player and high school cheerleader, her mom Addie Murray said Destiny was thrilled.
But, it was what happened at prom that had Destiny on cloud nine.

When Seniors Tyler Farr and Anna Urbano, Destiny's dates at Cane Bay High School's prom Saturday, were named prom king and prom queen, they didn't dance together. Instead, Anna let Destiny dance with Tyler in the ceremonial king and queen dance.

The dance was captured through a LIVE video on Facebook. Addie got to see the whole thing.

"It was magical! I'm really glad I let her go," Addie Murray said.

Murray admits, in order to appreciate the night, you have to understand what led up to the fairy tale ending.

Murray said at the beginning of May, she didn't even consider the option that Destiny would attend Cane Bay High School's prom.

"I didn't think she would go to the high school prom," Addie Murray said. "I thought she would just go to the special needs prom."

At the beginning of May, Murray got a call that Anna and Tyler had asked Destiny to be the couple's date.

"At first I was hesitant, and not keen on the idea," Addie Murray said.

Now, after the night Murray describes as magical, she's so happy she let Destiny go and live out the night to the fullest.

"Everyone was in tears," Addie Murray said.

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