N. Charleston shooting suspect curses at victim's mom, denied bond

VIDEO: N. Charleston shooting suspect swears at victim's mom, denied bond
Eric Brantley (Source: Facebook)
Eric Brantley (Source: Facebook)
Jahmal Green (Source: NCPD)
Jahmal Green (Source: NCPD)
Deandre Murphy (Source: NCPD)
Deandre Murphy (Source: NCPD)

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Bond was denied Monday for a North Charleston teenager accused of robbing and killing a popular Park Circle bartender and musician.

According to the Charleston Police Department, Jahmal Green was caught Sunday, after being at large for over a month, with a city-owned moped officers were using as bait.

The moped was originally parked on Elizabeth Street in downtown Charleston Sunday, but later was moved and actively tracked to a gas station on East Bay Street.

Officers found the bike with three men, and one of them was Green, the incident report states. Surveillance video shows Green park the moped in front of a gas station pump just before officers arrived.

The newly 18-year-old was arrested for petty larceny. Officers say they found a .40-caliber pistol with a 14-round magazine on his person.

Police believe Green and another teen shot and killed Eric Brantley, who was leaving a shift at The Sparrow in Park Circle the morning of April 20.

He cursed at the mother of the murder victim at bond court for shooting, telling her to shut up.

She then told him he would rot in prison if she had her way.

Surveillance video from that morning shows two people exit a white Dodge Durango and fire multiple shots at the victim, killing him before leaving the scene, according to an affidavit.

That same day, officers arrested two 20-year-old women they say were also in that vehicle. According to detectives, Victoria Deas drove the vehicle while London Maybank was a passenger.

Deas told investigators she picked Jahmal Green and De'Andre Murphy up to "do a lick," a slang term for committing a robbery, then drove off with Maybank, Green and Murphy inside the car after the teens shot and killed the victim, who they saw walking alone.

Police charged the women with accessory to murder.

Seven days later, Murphy was found in a home on Ottowa Street. He was charged with murder, armed robbery and possession of a firearm in a violent crime.

Green was given $150,000 bond for his weapons charge and $2,130 for the petty larceny charge Monday.

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