Lowcountry Soundwaves: Grace Joyner

Lowcountry Soundwaves: Grace Joyner

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - "Ethereal lipstick shopping dream pop"

Did that get your attention? That quote was the response Grace Joyner gave when asked to describe her sound in one sentence.

Grace Joyner has been a stalwart on the music scene here in Charleston for a few years now, singing harmony in several bands including local favorite Brave Baby. She says this formative time early in her career and the support of the local musicians who were already established were key in her development.

"I didn't get serious about music until I became plugged into the music scene in Charleston. I think the music community in the Lowcountry is very special and unique, and it gave me a safe space to explore and grow as a musician," Joyner said.

In the Spring of 2014 she stepped into the spotlight, releasing her EP "Young Fools".

Since then Joyner has been making waves and a name for herself around the Palmetto State, performing in countless bars, clubs, and other venues that aren't so easily defined.

While the tour schedule can get be a bit much at times, she says knowing that she has made a connection with someone listening to her music is her reward for the long hours and countless miles.

"Whether they related to my lyrics in a meaningful way, or connected to the instrumentation, I think when I can impact another person in a positive way it makes it worth it."

Joyner will be releasing her debut full-length album "Maybe Sometimes – in C" on Friday, May 20. The release show is set for Saturday May 28 at Royal American with ET Anderson and Hermit's Victory. Ticket price is $10 and includes a copy of "Maybe Sometimes - in C."

For more information on Grace Joyner click here or visit her Facebook page here.

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