Travelers and locals remain positive ahead of weekend weather threats

VIDEO: Travelers and locals remain positive ahead of weekend weather threats

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Many are remaining positive when it comes to the weekend weather threat.

With Memorial Day weekend ahead, the Spoleto Festival and several other outdoor events the chance of rain can put a damper on those activities.

Artists who set up for the Spoleto Festival on Friday aren't as worried about the rain as you might expect. Rain is no stranger to the festival as history has shown. It's a rain or shine event and they come prepared with secure white tents to keep everything protected that's displayed outside.

"Last year we set up in the pouring rain it was a torrential downpour and walking across the street in flood level," artist, Alex Raden said.

Raden says it's the wind, not the rain, that can be the biggest threat.

"The tents are pretty sturdy and they're made for withstanding the weather, so as long as it's not too windy it's okay," Raden said.

The Spoleto Festival kicked off Friday and goes through June 12. One element of the festival is that artwork is displayed throughout Marion Square.

"We've had storms through here that come up really quickly and you'd be surprised how fast these artists can get up and get everything in their tent and get the sides dropped," says a Spoleto show coordinator, Lesley Johnson.

With the Memorial Day weekend ahead, several visitors aren't going to let the rain stop them from having a good time.

Visitor from North Carolina, Karen Britt is visiting Charleston with her family. She says they're going to make the most of the trip.

"Charleston is a beautiful place and there is lots of other stuff to do," Britt said.  "Going to the beach is an option, but if it's a washout we'll see what else we can find to do."

Beach officials say if you want to easily find parking, arrive around 9 a.m. or earlier.

Expect traffic and be mindful of the weather while on the beach. Officials will continue to monitor the changing weather conditions at the beach and across the area.

Downtown near Marion square is an area that floods with heavy rainfall.

"This turns into a river during a heavy rain, but there were still people out," Johnson said.  "I know people come to town they're on their vacation and they're saying I'm getting out regardless so we try to be here."

If there is flooding remember to remain safe as you're going different places this holiday weekend. As a reminder if you see flooding in front you choose another route because it's hard to tell how deep the water could be.

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