Soon-to-be-married couple changes wedding plans in the midst of Tropical Storm Bonnie

VIDEO: Soon-to-be-married couple changes wedding plans in the midst of Tropical Storm Bonnie

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Heavy rainfall has been coming down across the Lowcountry from Tropical Storm Bonnie forming along the coast. Weekend plans are being impacted by the sudden weather.

A couple getting married on Sunday has changed their wedding plans based on the rainy weather ahead.

"We're still getting married we're going to have a good time," groom Dylan Hudson said.

A Tropical Storm forming is one of the last things they wanted to hear during a big occasion.

"It kind of had us nervous, but now we're kind of just going with the flow," bride Jordan Addison said.

Their wedding was initially going to be outdoor.

"Now with the weather we'll have to move it inside, but luckily our venue is a good plan B," Hudson said.

They were also looking to take their photos outside and that's going to have to change too.

"It'll still be beautiful and move forward and have a good time," Addison said.

There's others who traveled to the beach for vacation, now looking for new plans.

"It sucks it does, I guess we just have to find something indoors to do," visitor from North Carolina, AJ Agnew said.

Despite the Rain Minesh Patel walked the pier with his family. They're visiting from GA.

"My niece want to come to Folly Beach but it's too cold," Patel said.

Tourist from other states were trying to make the most of the a wet situation, but some had to call it quits.

General Manager at Grill & Island Bar on Folly says business has slowed down since the downpour.

"I was talking to a gentleman and his wife and they were here on their anniversary and they are actually leaving this evening because there's nothing that their going to be able to do here," Oliver said.

However, for Addison and Hudson they're embracing the storm.

"Bonnie won't stop this show," Hudson said.

"Yeah Bonnie is not going to stop our party," Addison said.

"She invited herself to the party, that's what happened," Hudson said.

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