Road closures start Friday for Septima Clark drainage work

Road closures start Friday for Septima Clark drainage work
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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - City of Charleston crews will start road work Friday to address downtown flooding issues, prompting summer road closures.

Several lane and street closures will be in effect around Burke Middle and High School along Fishburne St.

The work is part of Phase 2 of the Septima Clark project, projected to cost $146 million and be complete in 2021.

"The road closures are necessary to install stormwater surface collection and conveyance systems in this area," Steve Kirk, Septima Clark project manager, said. "We have worked to ensure there is still access through and around the area as well as access to all properties adjacent to the construction sites."

According to the city website, Phase 2 also includes construction of eight d rop shafts, which will eventually connect to a deep tunnel system that will be completed during Phase 3 of the project.

According to city officials, the work in these areas can only take place while school is not in session.

All closures have been coordinated through and approved by South Carolina Department of Transportation and the City of Charleston Department of Traffic and Transportation.

The planned closures are below.

Westbound lane of Fishburne Street from Killians Street to President Street. 

This area will be under a static lane closure to install remaining infrastructure on Fishburne Street, install infrastructure on Orr's Court, and for use as a laydown area.The closure is planned to commence on June 3 and remain for most of the summer.

Orr's Ct will be closed for the installation of new stormwater infrastructure.

Due to the road being a single lane in one direction, construction will be difficult.  Details are being worked out to ensure that work can be done safely while still providing adequate access for the residents.

It is expected that work will begin mid-June and be completed before the start of school in August.

President Street from Fishburne Street to Nunan Street

There will be a full road closure from Woodall Court up to and including the intersection with Fishburne Street.The southbound lanes will be closed from Woodall Court to Nunan Street.Access to and from Woodall Court will be maintained on the east side of President Street from Woodall Court to Nunan Street.

This closure is expected to commence on June 3 and remain until the start of school in August.

President Street from Kennedy Street to Line Street

The southbound lanes will be closed from Line Street to Bogard Street to allow for stormwater infrastructure installation.One-way traffic will be maintained in the northbound lanes.This closure is expected to commence on June 3 and last approximately 4 weeks Line Street for about 200 feet starting at President Street.

This will allow a sanitary sewer conflict relocation.This will be executed under a flagging operation so 2-way traffic will be maintained.The start date and duration are unknown at this point in time, however it is expected to start later and be executed quicker than the work
described above.

Prior to these lane closures, the following current road closures will be lifted.

The Bogard Street exit ramp from US17 southbound to President Street:  This will significantly reduce traffic using Ashley Avenue and Fishburne
Street.Bogard Street from President Street to Norman Street:  This will allow southbound traffic on President Street to go Line Street to Norman
Street to Bogard Street.Line Street from Ashley Avenue to President Street:  Although this will be under flagging operations during the sanitary sewer line replacement, 2-way traffic will be possible. 
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