TAKE A STAND: VA wait times

WCSC: TAKE A STAND: VA wait times

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - As we approach the Memorial Day weekend, we remember our military veterans.

The holiday honors the memory of the brave men and women who lost their lives in active military service.

But there's also concern about living veterans and the extremely long wait times for medical care at Veterans hospitals.  Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald compares the long waits at the V.A. to long lines at a Disney theme park.

Really? Surely McDonald has read his own agency's report that thousands of veterans may have died while waiting for medical care.

This is life and death, not "It's a Small World."

It's an insult to our veterans to say long wait times don't matter. Two years ago, former V.A. Sec. Eric Shinseki resigned amid the fallout from this controversy. It may be time for McDonald to stand in that line...the unemployment line.

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