Mt. Pleasant Town Hall set to finish on time and under budget

VIDEO: Mt. Pleasant Town Hall set to finish on time and under budget

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The new face for one of the fastest growing cities in America is expected to finish on time and under budget.

Construction crews broke ground at the site for new Mount Pleasant Town Hall last summer and one year later, they continue to chug along.

"We fully see this as the public's building," Town Administrator Eric DeMoura said. "It's going to be an inviting building, whether they have government business or not."

The roughly 100,000 square foot structure on Ann Edwards lane is still a year out from full completion and has not hit a roadblock since October's record flooding. "Construction crews had to reorganize plans," said Government Outreach Officer

Lauren Sims. "Our crews were awesome. They mitigated it very well and were able to get items on the back-end done ahead of time and catch us right back up to schedule," she said.
The new Town Hall building is designed to last the test of time. "We're expecting this to be a 75 year building and given current building codes it has to be built strong, stronger than typical commercial type buildings," DeMoura said.

"We're not going to be build a building on the cheap where it has to be replaced in 25 years."
Crews are currently finishing the exterior construction of the building and putting bricks up. "You're really starting to see the building take shape," DeMoura said. The roof is the next step for the project.

When complete, Town Hall will be three stories tall with two courtrooms, where Town Council will meet. Space for town administrators, police and fire will also call the building home.
Historical archives will sit on the upper level. "History was a big piece that was integrated," Sims said. "We actually have a town archive center that was built into this new facility to house all of our historical artifacts in one place."
In time, the old building, which currently houses town staff will be torn down and turned into a public park. Officials are also hoping to make improvements to the town track and town gymnasiums after that.

 Altogether, officials expect the transformation to cost around $30 million.
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