Animal Rescue: Puppies found dumped, suffering 'horrible' neglect in Orangeburg

Animal Rescue: Puppies found dumped, suffering 'horrible' neglect in Orangeburg

ORANGEBURG, SC (WCSC) - An animal rescue group in Orangeburg is asking for the public's help with information on those responsible for what they call a case of serious neglect and animal cruelty.

Two puppies riddled with parasites and infection were found dumped on Famun Road in Orangeburg Saturday, Annette Palmer with Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition says.

Palmer says the puppies' condition was so bad their breed was barely recognizable.

The 16-to-18-week-olds were taken to the South Carolina Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Care in Columbia for evaluation and treatment. Both puppies, a boy and a girl, were diagnosed with demodex, a serious secondary skin infection with pustules, yeast infection in both ears, and hook worms.

"The veterinarian said based on the puppies' condition, they had to of contracted the demodex at approximately 6 weeks of age, which means they deteriorated to their current condition over a period of 10 weeks or more," Palmer said.

"It is still questionable whether their vision is still intact and will need further evaluation after the skin infection is resolved," she added. "Based on this, someone somewhere must have known or has information on who is responsible for the neglect and cruelty of these sweet puppies."

Anyone with information on those responsible for the condition and dumping of the puppies, now known as Eli and Ella, are asked to call Orangeburg Animal Control at 803-534-0045.

"Those responsible needs to be held accountable and charged in accordance with the law," Palmer said. "We ask that you help spread the word to track down those responsible for this reprehensible act of intentional animal cruelty and neglect."

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