Dorchester. Co. Sheriff's Office investigating stolen puppy's death

Stolen puppy's death under investigation

SUMMERVILLE, SC - Dorchester County Sheriff's Department is investigating after the death of a puppy stolen from a Summerville animal shelter.
According to Dorchester County Sheriff's office, Dayqwon Pierre Quadra Larry Evans and Shenequa Nichelle Young are accused of taking hundreds of dollars from Frances R. Willis SPCA along with a 3-month-old pit bull puppy.  
"We don't need to be victimized. We're the ones taking care of the victims," Jennifer Bunch, board president of Frances R. Willis SPCA said.
According to an arrest warrant, Young, who worked at the SPCA, and her boyfriend Evans broke into the animal shelter on Four Paws Lane on March 28.

The incident report states the couple took $200 from adoption and neutering fees, which Bunch said is needed to care for the animals.

Bunch said something even more precious was also missing. 
"I can understand people wanting to take cash but why would you want to take a puppy as well?" Bunch said.
An incident report states a 3-month old pit bull puppy was taken along with the cash.

The sheriff's office said the couple admitted to taking the puppy and said it died about three weeks later.

According to the sheriff's office, the couple claimed the dog was unattended and hanged itself while on a dog run.  
"We take care of the animals here," Bunch said. "This is the most devastating thing for them to know that this animal is no more, and we will not be getting it back to love and care for it and find it a forever home."
Dorchester County Sheriff's Office said the couple has been charged with burglary in the second degree for the SPCA incident, but the death of the puppy is still under investigation.

"The cash is a dent for us, but the most disheartening thing is that it's someone one worked side by side here with this crew," Bunch said. "They were taught how to do things and care for the animal and then they chose to do this."

According to investigators, Young and Evans are also facing around 15 separate car breaking and entering charges.

The couple had a bond on Tuesday.
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