Angie's List: Landscaping with water

Angie's List: Landscaping with water

(ANGIE'S LIST) - Water seems to have a calming effect on many people and relaxing by a bubbling fountain or a soft waterfall can be appealing.

Angie's List founder Angie Hicks says adding water features to landscaping is becoming popular.

"While it helps to clean the air, the real benefit people find is through the relaxation it has," Hicks said.

Koi ponds are becoming a popular choice for landscaping. They provide homes to Koi or gold fish and the fish can survive for several years. These fish can grow to long lengths, so you should only choose this type of pond if you have the space. Koi ponds need to hold a minimum of one thousand gallons of water to accommodate healthy living spaces for these fish. A waterfall is also an essential element.

"It serves a couple purposes," landscaper Jeff Burhenn said. "It's very beautiful, and the noise, but it also provides water movement for the actual pond. That's very important to have water movement. It's going to keep away the mosquitoes."

An elaborate pond could run you tens of thousands of dollars, but a nice, smaller one can be done on a $5,000 to $10,000 dollar budget.

If you want the calm without the fish, pondless waterfalls are also becoming popular.

A water garden is another option to consider. These can be home to many different types of plants, flowers and other vegetation and can be designed in many different shapes and sizes. This may be a good option for people with smaller amounts of space.

Chemical treatments may be necessary for proper control of algae to prevent your pond from becoming stagnant and harming the plants, vegetation and fish housed in these water features.

Pumps are necessary for providing adequate oxygen levels through the water and to prevent a lot of stagnant conditions that can occur.

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