Mayor John Tecklenburg releases statement on Orlando shooting

Mayor John Tecklenburg releases statement on Orlando shooting

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - On Sunday, Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg released the following statement on the shooting in Orlando:

Early this morning, in an act of unimaginable savagery, the lives of at least fifty innocent men and women were cruelly snuffed out in a mass shooting at an Orlando, Florida nightclub.

Regardless of the gunman's precise motive, which is still not known with certainty at this hour, this was clearly yet another unfathomable act of evil, of hate, perpetrated against good and decent people who loved their lives and did nothing wrong. Their loss, and the loss their friends and loved ones must now somehow endure, is simply incomprehensible -- and heartbreaking.

Earlier today, I spoke with our own police chief, Greg Mullen, who reports that he is in contact with state and federal officials, and that all appropriate actions are being taken here locally to secure our citizens against a similar tragedy. In addition, I have placed a call to Mayor Dyer in Orlando to offer whatever assistance we can to those now responding to this horrific event.

One year ago this week, we here in Charleston were brought face to face with the same kind of evil that the people of Orlando are being forced to reckon with today, when nine beautiful souls were viciously stolen from us by a racist gunman in the basement of Mother Emanuel AME church.

We will never forget the horror of that hot, sticky June night, or of the terrible days and weeks that followed. We will never understand the evil that drove a young man, born and raised here in our state, to carry out that unimaginable crime. And we will never stop giving thanks for the remarkable courage and grace of the Mother Emanuel families, who looked beyond their own pain to show us the way to hope and reconciliation -- and in the process, did so much to help lift our city through those terrible times.

The thoughts and prayers of all Charlestonians are with the people of Orlando today, as we grieve for the lost and for those they left behind. And as we remain determined to live out the full meaning of St. Paul's admonition that we "be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good."