NOAA monitoring dolphins in Back River in Goose Creek

Fin of a dolphin in the Black River (Source: Matt Berry)
Fin of a dolphin in the Black River (Source: Matt Berry)

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is monitoring three dolphins who swam into the Back River in Goose Creek.

A man who was working in the area noticed the three dolphins near the Bushy Park Boat Landing.

Wayne McFee, a spokesman with NOAA/National Ocean Service, said the organization was made aware of the situation Monday.

"It happens every year where dolphins can move in to fresh water," McFee said.

The organization is monitoring the dolphins though, because fresh water is not good for the mammals.

McFee said the fresh water can create skin lesions causing damage.

The majority of dolphins have adapted to living in salt water, however can survive in fresh water for a period of time.

"If the dolphins are still there more than a week, we'll look into plans to relocate them," McFee said.

In most cases the dolphins swim back into the salt water on their own, according to McFee.

Ten years ago several dolphins swam into a similar area, requiring a full scale rescue and relocation effort.

"Those dolphins had pretty bad skin lesions from the fresh water," McFee said.

NOAA will monitor the dolphins daily hoping they swim back into the salt water.

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