Prosecutors in Michael Slager case respond to requests for evidence

Prosecutors in Michael Slager case respond to requests for evidence

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - In a court document filed Tuesday, prosecutors in the case for Michael Slager respond to recent requests for evidence made by the former North Charleston officer's attorneys.

Attorneys for the man accused of shooting and killing unarmed Walter Scott at a traffic stop in April 2015 asked for evidence including a forensic examination of the victim's cell phone, a copy of the maintenance history on Slager's Taser and interviews conducted with Slager and others.

Prosecutors say in some instances, the defense already has the information they requested. In other instances, their requests would require Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Solicitor Scarlett Wilson to create documents or generate reports they aren't required to.

"The defendant has filed a host of discovery motions requesting many items which are beyond the requirements of the Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rules of Professional Conduct and Brady v. Maryland," the court document states.

The prosecution says the North Charleston Police Department told them they don't have maintenance records on the Taser. When it comes to Scott's cell phone, prosecutors say they're unable to crack its lock code, but no items of interest were found on its micro SD card.

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