IOP beach parking ticket causes social media stir

IOP beach parking ticket causes social media stir

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WCSC) - A local beachgoer is causing a social media stir over parking enforcement rules at Isle of Palms beach.

Summerville's Jason Leviner said he paid $10 to park at municipal lot B on Saturday, using an automated parking kiosk.

He came back a few hours later to find a ticket for $50, citing an "upside down" violation.

Leviner shared pictures of the paid parking receipt and ticket on Facebook and now has more than 1,400 shares, sparking questions and conversation over beach parking regulation.

Leviner isn't the only driver to receive an "upside down" ticket, a violation issued when a parking receipt isn't left face up on the dashboard, displaying date and time of purchase.

According to Isle of Palms city officials, the Isle of Palms police department has issued approximately 57 of these citations in the municipal lots since the kiosks were set up April 23.

City officials also said more than 50 people have received tickets in the municipal lots for displaying no receipt, a separate violation.

Leviner said he understands the citation, but ultimately, wishes the city did more to help beachgoers who make the mistake of flipping the ticket the wrong
way by disposing of the ticket at the parking lots.

Isle of Palms officials released the following statement in regards to parking violations:

"According to the City Ordinance (2015-13 Sec. 8-2-12) all citations must be filed with the Municipal Court and may be disposed of only by official action of the Court. Officers are not authorized to void or dismiss citations. This policy has been put in place to protect the issuing officer and the recipient of the citation.

People who have received a parking citation must contact the Clerk of Court to contest. Contact information is available at the City's website at

It is the City's position that the Officers acted in accordance to the ordinance in advising the ticket holder to contact the Clerk of Court at City Hall."
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