Judge won't change Slager trial date

Judge won't change Slager trial date

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A judge said he will not change the murder trial date for former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager even though it's set to occur around the same time as the trial for accused Emanuel AME Church shooter Dylann Roof.

Slager is charged in the shooting death of Walter Scott in April 2015. His trial is set to start Oct. 31.

Roof's federal trial is scheduled to start with jury selection on Nov. 7.

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson, the prosecutor in the Slager case, told The Honorable Judge Clifton Newman that Slager's attorney Andy Savage also represents some of the victims' family members and survivors of the church shooting.

Wilson said there is another potential issue.

Jury selection for Roof's state death penalty trial is scheduled for December 6.

Wilson said it's possible the Slager trial could still be going on at that time.

"If jury selection in the state Roof trial is not moved, it;s going to be taxing on us to get out of the Slager case and then move into jury selection for the Roof case," Wilson told reporters after the hearing.

Judge Newman said this is the only case "he's zoned in on."

Judge Newman said if for some reason Slager's trial date is disrupted, he will assess that at a later time.

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