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Families seek justice in hit-and-run that killed Stratford students

Source: AP Source: AP
Deandre Richardson, 16, holds his sister at a party (Source: Richardson family) Deandre Richardson, 16, holds his sister at a party (Source: Richardson family)
Leonardo Suarez-Perez, 15 (Source: Richardson family) Leonardo Suarez-Perez, 15 (Source: Richardson family)
Area of Highway 162 where accident is believed to have happened (Source: Live 5) Area of Highway 162 where accident is believed to have happened (Source: Live 5)

The Charleston County Coroner's Office has identified two Stratford High School students killed in a hit and run in Hollywood. 

Deputies say Deandre Richardson, 16, and Leonardo Suarez-Perez, 15, both of Summerville, were hit by a Jeep Wrangler on the 5400 block of Highway 162 late Saturday night.

According to witnesses, the teens were riding skateboards when they were hit. 

They say the driver was initially trying to pass another vehicle, and left the scene after the teens were hit.  

The teens suffered blunt force injuries and were pronounced dead on scene, according to the Charleston County Sheriff's Office. 

"He had these cutest dimples, that I'm never going to see again, because this coward flew away and left my babies on this road," said Crystal Richardson, Deandre’s mother.

At 12:15 a.m. Sunday, deputies said the suspect's vehicle had been located, but no arrests had been made. The Sheriff’s Office is investigating is the incident. 

Richardson is demanding answers after that person killed her son and his best.

She said they were at a party for Leonardo's grandmother.

"[Whoever it is] just left them there to die,” she said. “No care, no worries, just left them there, it's not right."

CCSO authorities say they have not ruled out alcohol as being a contributing factor in the case. 

"We have been able to develop a credible witness in this investigation, along with several leads," CCSO officials said. "The vehicle that was involved in this double fatality is being processed at the Charleston County Sheriff's Office for additional evidence."

According to authorities, the Jeep had been reported stolen from a West Ashley home; Charleston police are investigating the incident. 

On June 25, officers responded to a home on Cornflower Ct. for a vehicle theft.

The victim said his Jeep was stolen from his driveway, and the last time he saw it was at 10 a.m. on June 22 when he and his family left town. 

The victim told officers that when he returned on June 25 at 6:30 p.m. the vehicle was missing.

"I want justice,” Richardson said. “I want justice for these two because they had their whole life ahead of them, and they're not going to get that [any]more."

"If you take the responsibility of driving behind that wheel, you've got to take the responsibility if you do something wrong, pull over," said Elizabeth Heyward, a friend of the teens.

Heyward was in JROTC at Stratford High School with Deandre.

She met Leo in 7th grade and had been friends with the two boys ever since.

"They were seriously amazing people and don't need to have their lives ended like that," she said.

"[Deandre] helped me a lot,” said Kaylee Varner, one of Deandre’s closest friends. “He helped me run, he helped me in JROTC."

Varner and Heyward added the two teens loved to skateboard.

“You could always find them skateboarding around the neighborhood,” Heyward said.

"They were clowns, literally they were clowns that's why everyone loved them,” Richardson said. “My son and Leo were the type that would give you the shirt off of their backs."

Richardson said she will not stop until she finds who did this to her son and his best friend.

"They had their whole life ahead of them,” she said. “[That was taken] from them. What if he[/she] had stopped and helped… they could have been saved."

Funeral arrangements are in the process of being scheduled.

Richardson was a rising Junior, and Leo was a rising Sophomore at Stratford High School.

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