DOT fixing road overrun with huge potholes

VIDEO: DOT fixing road overrun with huge potholes

CORDESVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Work crews from the State Department of Transportation are working to repair a road in Berkeley County that is overrun with potholes.

Drivers on Copperhead Road have to zigzag around the potholes to avoid damaging their cars.

C.R. Rolader has lived on the road for more than 25 years.

Rolader says he's never seen it looking this bad.

"The road is unsafe, almost impassible," Rolader said.

There are so many potholes on Copperhead Road that DOT had to put out orange barrels so drivers could see where they are to try to avoid hitting them.

We saw one driver zig zagging to avoid damaging the car.

"Some of the potholes go all the way across the road and you just got to go in and go up and over," Rolader said.

A DOT spokesman says the potholes are being caused by dump trucks that are hauling dirt from a nearby dirt put.

James Law says Copperhead Road was designed for 1,000 vehicles a day, but not for dump trucks.

"The trucks and the weight of hauling all the dirt out, some 300 trucks a day, of course the road just couldn't take it," Law said.

Wednesday, DOT crews were on Copperhead Road, beginning to fill potholes that are at least six inches deep.

"Then we will come in, probably Friday and over seal the whole road, hoping that will solve the problem for the time being," Law said.

Law says DOT hopes to meet with Berkeley County's Transportation Committee next month to come up with funding for a permanent solution to the pothole problem.

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