Vandals target Sheep Island Road construction site

Vandals target Sheep Island Road construction site

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A major road construction project in Berkeley County is being targeted by vandals who are destroying heavy equipment at the site.

Summerville police the vandals are joyriding bulldozers at the site of the new Sheep Island interchange at I-26.

Investigators say the vandals struck twice just this past weekend.

Police say the vandals are coming to the site when no one's around.

"It's a massive project. There's a lot of land coverage there," Summerville Police Captain Jon Rogers said.

Cops say the vandals went straight for the bulldozers.

"It appears that they're just joyriding," Rogers said.

"We don't want people going up there and joyriding. But clearly they went up there, not only joyriding but they also did extensive damage to someone else's property."

An official with Banks Construction said at first the vandals used shotguns to shoot out windows of the machinery.

But then they came back to do more damage.

In one incident they drove one bulldozer into another.

The total damage is estimated at more than $150,000.

Rogers says investigators have identified two suspects.

The Banks official says for now, workers are staying at the site 24-7 to make sure no more damage is done.

"It affects the project, the price of the project which affects everybody in the community, and if it continues, it's clearly going to slow down the process," Rogers said.

Rogers says investigators have identified two suspects but no arrests have been made.

Berkeley county spokesman Michael Mule' says the vandalism here will not delay the completion of the Sheep Island interchange scheduled for 2018.
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